The 90s…where oh where did they go. Everything was better then. The economy was booming. Our president was an attractive, friendly, and intelligent Yale graduate. We could allow ourselves to feel “depressed” and felt it was our prerogative to whine. There was always someone who would listen. We talked to people face to face, not exclusively through screens. We had grunge music, Tupac and Biggie. And we had damn good clothes!

If you’re looking for clothes from the 90s, our first tip would be this: know it’s categorized as “vintage”. Yes, you/they are that old! 90s kids and teens associated “vintage” with the 60s. But hey, it is what it is: 30 years.

An obvious place to start would be Etsy. Here, every 90s piece is “vintage”: sweatshirts, caps, shirts, T-shirts, tanks, skirts, dresses, etc. The prices are relatively affordable – most things are around 20 dollars. This doesn’t include shipping though. No matter which site you order from, this will be the case. A lot of the clothes are shipped from Europe. That retro style you love will cost you a pretty penny if you’re in the US or Canada.

Some of these clothes are actually new, only designed in the retro style, but most are used. Keep in mind they run out of stock quickly. You’re not the only one who realizes how much better fashion was in the 90s than it is now. The best pieces are only left in really small or really big sizes and on Etsy, this is noted ex. “oversized”.

At, which advertises its offerings as “gently used items at cheap prices”, you’ll get exactly that. Even the models look like they lived in the 90s. Those layered dos we loved so much are there, reminding us of how much we lost when we grew up.