What the fashion industry could learn from porn?

Everyone knows full well that sex sells. It’s partly why there are so many commercials, TV, cable shows and movies which use sex as a tool to attract viewers. The fashion industry has been doing this for decades. Not only using erotic or sensuous images, but sexual innuendo. Some of it to stir controversy in order to gain attention. Marketers know full well that any publicity is good publicity. Still, there are a vast number of restrictions placed on the fashion industry. Not just them, but any that tries to use sexually graphic images to sell their products or services.

For example, American Apparel recently had one of its ads banned by the Advertising Standards Agency. The company published an advert with images of a woman in several poses. The clothing she had and the poses were considered to be overtly sexual in nature. Perhaps American Apparel felt compelled to push the boundaries of the ASA. Or that of the public itself with its racy and sensual commercials. Some speculate that it is something other companies are doing all over. Part of that has to do with how much free porn is found on the web. More importantly, how significantly the view on pornography has changed.

Unlike the past, more and more people are looking at sexually graphic content than ever before. Adult sites are recording record numbers in both interactions and the amount of visitors they get. Clearly, the success of the porn industry should be something from which the fashion industry needs to learn from. The problem with the fashion industry is that they – unlike porn – try in some way to deceive the public. Porn is a place where people can find answers to their sexual fetishes and fantasies. They are also content and ready to admit that their world is based on fantasy scenarios.

On the other hand, the fashion industry is always trying to sell images or concepts which many consider to be un-achievable or far-reaching. A great deal of the models are often too skinny and unreal. This puts women and young girls in a precarious situation. They try to emulate the fashion models to the point of becoming too skinny themselves. Then there are those who fail to lose the weight or be as slim. As a result, they then become depressed, suffer from anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders. The best bet is for the fashion industry to use a more realistic approach. If not, they can tell people that theirs is a fantastical world. After all, that approach has worked perfectly for the porn world.

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