Royalty free music sites for online videos

Royalty free music sites for online videos

Music is a necessary and an important element of the explainer videos. They add charm to the animated explainer videos and make it more connected to the audience. Just written words or spoken words may not have the same impact as those explainer videos that have a background music to complement the video. There are many ways to make explainer videos and the best explainer videos are those who connect with the audience. Product explainer videos usually make use of the instrumental music to make their videos more interesting. Whiteboard explainer videos usually have a proper storyline with characters and proper scripts. You can create free explainer videos using online software but to be able to use additional more creative and powerful features you need to purchase a premium version.

There are many sites from where you can download free music to complement your explainer videos. Choosing the right soundtrack is important, and if you are unable to do so, you might end up having your content lose the meaning that you are looking to convey. There are many instances when the storyboard of the video is just perfect but either there was no background music to complement the story or the chosen soundtrack was way off beat and did not make sense at all. The choice of the music is important. But when you are choosing the music you should know where you are getting the music and should credit the real owners of the music. If there is proper referencing, there will be no copyright issues and hence to lawsuits or fines to combat once you release your explainer video. Hence, the safest way is to use music from public domains.

Some of the best music sites with free music online are:

  • Incompetech: This is a website that was formed by a music composer himself. The website contains numerous scores that have been classified according to the genre and feel of the music. Hence, you can easily browse around and select from.
  • Dano Songs: This is another website that has been formed by a music composer himself. The website only demands that you credit the music to the original composer and mentions his name and web page. There are many clips from amongst which you can select the one that you are looking for.
  • Free Soundtrack music: This website offers a huge collection of music that you can easily download and use for your explainer video. You just need to credit the website.



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