Music for the explainer video!

Music for the explainer video!

Explainer videos are fast gaining popularity, and the sole reason is the acceptance from the customers. The customers are willing to spend much more time watching these animated explainer videos and being influenced by them. There was a prediction by the marketing Gurus that explainer videos are going to be the next trendsetting marketing activity and it is proving to be true. Marketers believe that the return on investment about the explainer videos is quite as compared to any other method used for marketing.

 The liking and the enthusiasm showed by the individuals for watching product explainer videos has caused the brands to create these videos and share on their social platforms. This has also given place to another market that is steadily growing, and that is websites that offer free explainer video scripts or whiteboards for the explainer videos. Though many brands have focused on their stories and the animations that they use in their explainer videos, many fail to focus on the music. They usually choose the first free music that they find, usually even not caring if it is complementing the product or the service or not.

A good quality music is highly essential for your explainer videos and not being able to find one a can be quite frustrating. There are many sites that offer a variety of quality music, but they are quite expensive and many times the marketing budget does not allow you the freedom to spend huge amounts in just buying music for the explainer video. Some of the best places where you can find good quality music for your explainer videos are:

  • Epidemic Sound: They have a highly organized library from where you can find the music of your own choice without fretting much. The website offers royalty free music. The licensing of the music starts as low as 0.99$, and the monthly subscription fees are as low as 12$. Once you have purchased the license, you are free to use the music whenever and wherever you want to.
  • YouTube Audio library: YouTube is one place where you can find videos of all kinds. But now they have an audio library that you can use to download the music that you are looking for. You have the liberty to choose the music according to genre, mood, type, duration, and instrument. You can also search the audio based on popularity, and this can help you find the most liked and most frequently downloaded audio on the web!


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