Where Should You Place Your Animated Explainer Videos?

You have prepared your animated explainer videos. Their quality is topnotch. You have put a killer theme, made the video attractive through using a wooing video creation approach. However, creating a video is one thing and taking the message to the audience is another.

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Unless you were making the videos for uplifting your soul when everything around you looks nasty, you must distribute and promote your videos. Do not fall into the same category with entrepreneurs who develop product explainers and keep it in their folders waiting for the next marketing campaign. So, where should you place your animated explainer videos? Here are the best places to put them:

a. Landing pages

Your homepage is like your living room. It is where visitors land first when they log on to your website. As such, it is essential to position your animated video on this page to ensure it attracts their attention. Importantly, you should place it at the top of your page in a position that is visible to any visitor without them scrolling down.

Remember, it is your page visit impression that determines your visitors’ next move. For this reason, the video you place on your homepage or any other landing pages in your site must be easy to play, simple and entertaining. Also, you should put visible pointers to the video and include sharing icons to encourage the audiences to spread the message.

As you know, the main goal is to market your product. Hence, when viewers share your explainer video with peers, it is one step ahead of achieving your goals.  

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b. Social media

In this era, no entrepreneur can ignore the power of the social media. Unless you want to make low profits, social media should be a principal business tool. According to statistics, it is the second largest online market after the search engines.
Essentially, it is a free option for marketing your business. Would you avoid sharing your product explainer videos on such a platform? 

In enhancing your video marketing, you need to share your animated videos on your social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and other leading social platforms. Also, if you want your videos to reach a specific cluster of the target audience, you can go for the paid option available in major social media channels.

c. Business blogs

In the information-driven market, business blogs are now essential marketing tools. Nevertheless, your blog productivity depends on your visibility on the search engines.  Embedding animated videos on your blog not only make it a reliable source of information for your target audience but also impact your SEO rankings.

Importantly, a blog with a video ranks better than text-only ones and also increases visitors’ duration which is a search engine ranking factor.  Hence, if you run a business blog, it should be one of the places of consideration when posting your animated explainer videos.

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d. Emails

Another productive approach is email marketing. Including a product explainer video in your emails enhances the click rates by more than 200%. As such, when designing your emails for marketing purposes, it is essential to use them to share your animated videos. Also, you must ensure that the subscribers open your emails by including the word video in the subject line.
This way, you will increase the email opening rate and probably your conversions. Hence, always share your videos in your email marketing campaigns and request the subscriber to spread the message through sharing the same with peers. Importantly, you can offer a freebie to every subscriber who shares the video on their social pages.
All in all, animated explainer videos are essential in modern visual-driven marketing. For this reason, you can enhance your sales and conversion rates through strategically placing and sharing your videos in the above marketing approaches and web pages.    


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